My Well Ministry provides our processing services and business expertise at cost generating monetary savings that can be allocated to other areas of need within your organization. We offer credit/debit card processing for online donations and can easily integrate with most churches management software offerings. We can also process in person credit/debit cards transactions and will supply any equipment needed at our cost. Our ministry eliminates the profits that TransNational or any other processor would make and allows a faith based not-for-profit to keep that capital at work funding ministry operations.

We understand that to some degree every ministry and not for profit must engage in some degree of business interaction. We also understand that for businesses to be viable and sustainable there must be margin and profit. However, TransNational as a corporate entity finds a conflict with its Christian ethos in profiting on accounts that are seeking to do ministry. Therefore, we have decided to eliminate any profits on these partnerships. We do not expect that every corporate entity will follow our example of choosing not to profit from business partnerships with ministry enterprises, but we have made a decision to follow that path and encourage all who would to follow!



My Well Ministries has accomplished amazing feats since its inception. This easy-to-understand infographic highlights the milestones of My Well as well as brief history of the program. See how churches and 501(c)3s have saved thousands of dollars on their payment processing. Click the image on the left to view the entire infographic. Download the PDF version right here

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