TransNational Payments is an industry leader in payment solutions and merchant services with over 16 years of serving businesses nationwide.

We’re also recognized as being one of the most charitable and socially responsible companies in the industry. This is why in 2009, TransNational’s CEO and President launched My Well Ministry as a way to give back the company’s time and expertise in order to make its services available at less than cost to faith-based non-profit churches & ministries.

My Well Ministry provides our processing services for less than our actual costs. This means any transactions and equipment needed, cost you less than it costs us to provide or buy.

Any fees TransNational or other payments companies typically access for profit are removed as part of this initiative. We’re able to save you money, allowing you to allocate funding to other areas of need within your ministry.

Over the last six years, the My Well Ministry has served hundreds of churches and ministries, with over $6,000,000 in total savings.  On average, the My Well Ministry can save you up to 50% (and some cases more) off your current credit card and processing fees!

Contracts under our My Well Ministry have no date commitments and do not carry any cancellation fees.  If there is ever reason for you to discontinue our services, there are no strings attached.

If you are a religious institution and are a 501C3 organization, we encourage you to contact us today to see how My Well Ministry can support your ministry!

We have made a decision that other credit card processors are unable or unwilling to make, our services are the foundation of our ministry….we hope others will follow. What’s your Well?”

John Pitzaferro

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