Our Story

We take what God has blessed us with and serve churches and ministries
with credit card processing to further the Kingdom.

Message from John Pitzaferro

There is nobody else out there, that I know of, that is willing to give away payment processing at cost.

John Pitzaferro

Our Story

In 2005 when John Pitzaferro, TransNational’s CEO, approached Willow Creek Community Church, his home church, with an offer to give them credit card processing services for less than his costs, he was met with skepticism and disbelief. Upon analysis, those leaders found that John’s offer would save them $70,000 a year!

The experience with how much Willow was being charged from their prior processor weighed heavily on John and the rest of the leadership team at TransNational. They became increasingly concerned that the profits being gleaned from processing fees was taking away from money that could be used in ministry.

In 2008, while at a church service, John heard Bill Hybels tell the story of a man whose business was drilling wells. In the winter months, when drilling ceased in the Midwest area of the US, this man took his business to Africa and drilled wells for free. The story profoundly impacted John. He realized that his well was payment processing. In 2009, John officially launched “My Well Ministry”.

Today this ministry is serving hundreds of churches and 501c3’s across the country. Since its inception, it has provided savings in excess of $13,000,000, freeing up much needed capital that has been used for ministry and kingdom purposes. Interested organizations should contact our Ministry Director, Carolyn Irwin, to see how “My Well Ministry” can serve them.


  • I love the heart and vision behind the My Well program. We have been a proud part of this program since its inception and are incredibly thankful to TransNational for how they have helped us maximize the resources entrusted to our church and enabled us to direct more funds towards taking new ministry ground. I bless them for their efforts and am grateful for the impact they are making in the Kingdom!

    Matt Sundstedt
    Matt Sundstedt
    CFO/Director of Operations, Willow Creek Community Church
  • To think that we will put around $20,000 annually back into the work of the ministry makes me dream about the lives that will be impacted. Thank you for doing this.

     Eric Terwilliger
    Eric Terwilliger
    Office & Project Manager Southpoint Community Church
  • Thanks for all you do and I really mean it. You have proven time and again, how reliable, caring and resourceful you are. Thanks for taking such good care of Ten Mile Christian Church, we appreciate you.

    John Nesbit
    Director of Worship Technology Ten Mile Christian Church
  • TransNational has been a real blessing to Palm Valley Church,
    and we want to thank you for all you have done.

    Bob Rohlinger
    CFO Palm Valley Church
  • Again, just an amazing job transferring our Txt2Give account.
    Thank you so much!!
    On another note, I am attending a "Megachurch" Business Administrators meeting the end of February
    and would love to tell them about TransNational.
    Have a blessed day!

    Judy Call
    Judy Call
    Business Administrator Grace Family Church
  • We've been using TransNational through their My Well Ministry program for about 5 or 6 months now. We changed because of their great rates. We have two separate merchant accounts through them. They made it possible for us to be able to use one website to see both accounts which we love. They were fantastic through the transition from our previous processors. The transition was seamless. We experienced no downtime as if nothing had changed. Customer services was professional, quick to respond and kind. Any time I've needed to contact them since the transition, they have been helpful and timely. I highly recommend using TransNational especially if you're a non-profit or a church.

    Heather Bunch

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